Best Cloth Labels

The Different Types of Cloth Labels


If you have started the manufacturing of the clothing, then you might need to label your clothes as you try to increase the rate of marketing your industry. However, all the labels are different; thus you need to select which will suit you.


Woven custom clothing labels are customized clothing labels which are made from weaving loom. The tags are brought in a big threaded sheet which should be cut down and then folded through a machine which is made for that work. The materials are bulky in size. It is time-consuming since the cutting and folding takes more than two days to complete. Mostly the woven custom clothing labels are sewn on the neck seam, the bottom or the sides of the garments. The can be used in woven hang tags. They last alongside the garment. However, they may sag after washing the cloth severally which might be uncomfortable to the person wearing it.


There are damask custom clothing labels at It is very popular since it is soft and subtle in its texture. The damask custom label is very tight when woven. Mostly it is preferred for the industries which produce the end product of the cloth being manufactured. The end product is attractive and very extraordinary. It can be used to create a logo design very well since it is tightly weaved. It is used even to design the complicated logos of a company. It has slow loom speed thus your color and details of your label can be achieved.


There are printed custom clothing labels. These are mostly used by people who don't like the woven labels. The materials for printing are polyester, nylon, satin, acetate, and cotton. The cost of production of the printed label is low since the raw materials used are very cheap. The ink used for printing purposes is permanent thus it is long lasting. The inks are available in different colors, styles, and sizes. The colors can be used to match according to the preferences of the industry.


However, the cloth label might fade after several washes if the plates have been used. It takes more than two days to present the end product if using the plates when printing.


You should choose your cloth labels according to what you need and what favors you. You should have the content of the tag and still a clue of how you want it to appear.  If you are using them to promote your industry, then the labels should be strong enough to last for a long time.


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